Gourmet. Stacked. Burgers.

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Monday - 3/2 Tuesday - 3/3 Wednesday - 3/4 Thursday - 3/5 Friday - 3/6 Saturday - 3/7 Sunday - 3/8
- - Interana:
Join us from 11:45am - 1:45pm at 68 Willow Rd., Menlo Park, CA 94025
Off the Grid SFO:
Join us from 11:00am - 2:00pm at SFO Terminal 1 Departures Lane, SFO International Airport
Off the Grid Emeryville:
Join us from 11:00am - 3:00pm at 5959 Shellmound St (Public Market Emeryville), Emeryville, CA 04608

Drakes First Friday:
Join us from 4:00pm - 9:00pm at Drakes Brewing Company, Davis Street, San Leandro
Off the Grid Emeryville:
Join us from 11:00am - 3:00pm at 5959 Shellmound St (Public Market Emeryville), Emeryville, CA 04608


If you can dream it, we can do it. Chef Daniel and his team are known for making the impossible possible. You can mix and match our menu however you wish or we can do a totally custom menu for your event. Remember, we prefer a challenge, but simpler events are welcome.

Call Daniel at 510.754.0694 or shoot us a message.

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About Meathead

MEATHEAD GSB is the brainchild of Chef Daniel Norton. After graduating from Le Cordon Blue…blah blah blah. Look, it's time for me to enjoy the sun! I love food and the vibe it creates in our homes, backyards, blocks, and city streets. After 10 years cooking in restaurants, I left to be a corporate chef at a hot database start-up in San Francisco. It was there where my fellow employees fueled this dream through their love for burgers, food-trucks, and me. I am extremely proud to say that MEATHEAD is fully operational because of the support of those I’ve personally fed.

I bring to you MEATHEAD. Gourmet. Stacked. Burgers. Each burger is designed with your five senses in mind. Our stacked layers will give your eyes more than they can handle. The toasty garlic bun will tickle your nose from blocks away and make your stomach beg for its richness. Our fresh-never-frozen beef patties scream and sizzle on the red-hot griddle like a dinner triangle. The weight of the beef, fresh vegetables, crisp buns, and smoky melted cheese can only be felt when you cradle these jewels in your hands. Then you sink your K9s into our Gourmet. Stacked. Burgers. then you realize we have taken everything into consideration.

You want sides with that? How about some slow braised brisket gravy and fresh salty cheese curds atop a tower of perfectly crisp potatoes? We specialize in not only Gourmet. Stacked. Burgers. But in all side dishes that compliment our burgers. Garden picked greens and rich sauced chicken wings …these are always on our menu.

Folks. When you apply a classically trained approach to the American classic, what you end up with is MEATHEAD.

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